On March 18th, 2012 we had two reasons to celebrate; Noreen Gilbert's 30 years of selfless service on our council as well as her 75th birthday.

The luncheon celebration, hosted in Victor and Lisa's beautiful home, started at 11:30 AM.  That's Barb and Vicki arriving.

Even before there was any food on it the table presentation was beautiful.

Then, Noreen, the guest of honour arrived.  That's Adam, checking out the artistry, in the background.

Here's an unexpected encounter between Agnes and Vicki, both former study group facilitators, and the inevitable staring contest.

That's Agnes, victorious, in the background and our hostess Lisa talking to Jane.

Helga's appetizers were a particular hit.  She arrived with at least four platters of these apple and/or shrimp-topped delicacies.

Photo tip: Always try to capture people in the midst of stuffing food into their mouths.  Above are Marion, Shannon, and Lisa, gobbling Helga's tasty pastries while Ken looks around in amazement.

Noreen, Helga, Walt, Barb, Doreen and Gord.

In short order the house was filled with guests.  The lobby, only partially shown here, was an ocean of shoes.  The coats, doubled-up on hangers in the closet, overflowed onto the banisters, railings and even started to go onto the back of chairs in the living room. Evidently Noreen is popular.

People occupied, and moved between the kitchen, living, and dining areas.  In the foreground are John, Deborah, Lisa's hair, and our host Victor on the right.

That's Vicki and Gary in the foreground and Doreen seated on the left.

A rare shot of Marty, website administrator, with the birthday girl.

Noreen, Carmen, & Barb

Gary, Carol, & Jo

The luncheon repast was amazing! This was the table array before most of the hot food was brought out.

We thanked God, and Noreen, and then chowed down.

That's Carol assisting Noreen, then Shannon, Leslie, and Deborah.

Deborah, Leslie, & Charles

Ken and Leonard

Shannon, Carol, Leslie and Ken.

Silhouettes of Walt, Helga, and Leslie

Jane & Leslie at the table, Lisa and Victor, John and Charles.

Unfortunately most of the photos turned out almost black.  Brightening them, sometimes by over 200%, gave them a moody light and grainy texture.  By coincidence above is an vintage photo of Leonard meeting Jo White in Antwerp in 1927.

Jesse & Victor (Agnes & Gord in the background.)

Helga in the foreground, Gord, John, Vicki, and Agnes.

Leonard, having satisfied his gastronomic appetite, ever hungry for enlightenment, finding a moment to read a few words.

Gord & Leslie

There were so many guests in attendance that there had to be two cakes.  Fiesta brought the primary chocolate cake above.

The second back-up cake was made of ice cream.

Jo and Noreen look on as Victor lights the candles on the chocolate cake and Lisa lights the singing candle for the ice cream cake.  Then we all sang "Happy Birthday"...

...and Noreen blew out the candles.

To everyone's surprise Fiesta brought a large syringe full of Kahlua liqueur to inject into the chocolate cake.

See the footage here: The first Utube video by the Vancouver Metaphysical Broadcasting Network

Here's Victor, just as they're starting to serve the ice cream cake, trying to dip his finger into the icing.

And the lineup for cake was underway.

Ken, Shannon, Helga & Lulla.

It was a lot of fun.

I just want to thank the council for the gift card commemorating my 30 years on council. I appreciate it very much. I want to thank everyone for their cards and gifts and for helping me celebrate my 75th.  Lots of love to you all. - Noreen


Some of the better photos courtesy of Adam Andriashek