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Self Empowerment Through Practical Solutions


Pics of Noreen's Christmas Luncheon


Pics from the Kevin Todeschi Event


    Spiritual Movie Nights.  This group usually meets at 7 PM on the last Saturday of every month (with some exceptions) at Marty & Vicki's placePlease RSVP here.

Annual Locarno Beach Picnic

    Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Events

    Comox Valley Metaphysical Explorations Group.  Phone Anjali or Norman Thomas at 250.338.1690.

    Pacific Northwest (WA) Events

    Edgar Cayce Canada Events

    A.R.E. Headquarters (VA) Events

A.R.E. eGroups

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Disclaimer: The Network doesn't endorse concepts presented by any speaker.  We endeavor to provide a variety of topics and ideas and we urge each individual to exercise personal discernment.  To paraphrase Edgar Cayce, "If the material presented assists one to become more compassionate, more loving in all personal relationships, if it brings heartfelt peace, then take from it what resonates within. If any part rings falsely, simply let it go."   

Celebrating Noreen


See the John Van Auken 2012 & Prophecy Pics, the 2011 Summer Dream Workshop Pics & the 2012 Christmas Party Pics

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