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A.R.E. Literature

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Cayce Herbal is a free online source of information on over 100 herbal remedies that Cayce so often recommended.

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There are also currently about 300 published Cayce books listed at EdgarCayceBooks.org.




Past Workshops

The Edgar Cayce Five-Step Approach to Dream Interpretation

bullet John Van Auken 2012 & Prophecy Pics
bullet 2011 Summer Dream Workshop Pics
bulletCarole Chapman Vancouver 2004
bulletHeritage Valley 2003

Interesting Project

bulletRobert Schwartz and Soul Challenges




Fun Times to Remember


Celebrating Noreen 2012

...including our first Utube video:



bullet The 2012 Christmas Party
bullet The 2011 Christmas Party
bullet Indian Arm Cruise 2005



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