Noreen's Christmas Party

December 2014

In May of 2014 our beloved Noreen suffered a disabling stroke.  Since then many friends have visited and supported her in many ways.  This includes many of her childhood friends, former co-workers, neighbours and others as well as the members of our Edgar Cayce-based group.  Talk of a Christmas party for Noreen quickly led to the conclusion that no private room at her residential care facility could accommodate all of the guests who care for her.  Plans for the party then moved to a venue that we've previously used; the community room of Keith's building in Marpole.

The early arrivals to Noreen's luncheon Christmas Party.  Others would arrive throughout the early afternoon.

One of the later arrivals was, (of course) Gary.  It was OK though because he brought the coffee.

Victor organized the get-together

Keith, our host.

Adrian and Noreen, the guest of honour



Here's Neil confusing Jane and Deborah

Pleased with his conversation and ready to eat.

John, the turkey maestro

Eventually the maestro eats too.

And drinks

Surrounded by old friends, including Pat and Susan, Noreen was visibly moved

Noreen didn't lack for conversation all afternoon long.

Noreen and Bernadette

Amandah and Noreen


A friend of Noreen's from Unity Church.


A couple who love each other, Leslie and Charles, in a two-person conga line.


Quiz 1: Is this gesture...?

a) The secret salutation of the Lobster Brotherhood?

b) Lack of clarity re. the Peace Sign?

c) A Vulcan longevity/prosperity salute?  Has anyone ever actually scrutinized the tips of Leonard's ears?

Seriously; are they pointed or not?

Noreen with Deborah and Gloria

Gary and Barb

Jane & Adrian, Vicki & Brian

Deborah can be camera shy.  Maybe because she likes to dance when no one's watching.

Helga reprimanding Vicki for taking one of Noreen's Cookies

Helga looked after Noreen all day including bringing her, and taking her home, via Handydart.

Marty hopeful that he can have the window garland to wear as a boa. (No)


Adam took all of the photos featured here.  Above is Leonard with a pretend camera. 

If he proves trusty maybe one day he can have a real one.

Vicki tickling Noreen's ribs.

One of the many reasons why I love her

Quiz 2: Is this gesture...?

a) The secret salutation of a "Pyramid Power" sub sect within our group?

b) Irrepressible disco dancers performing the 'A' part of The Village People's smash hit "YMCA"?

c) A "Christmas Tree" gesture symbolizing Christmas presents (presence) in the service of the last remaining people to clean up.

Leonard, Lisa, Jane, Victor, Gary, and Adam.


Noreen was very grateful and happy

Tidings of Wonder and Joy!