Understanding This Time of Transformation

Presented by John Van Aucken


At the Memorial Centre for Peace 

May 28th 2011


Coordinator Theresa Pugh and past coordinator Vicki Bauman at sign-in with John Van Auken seated in the background

Council member Neil England looking thoughtful about admitting Doreen and Gordon Howie. 

Kitchen Host, and council member, Gary Taylor 

with an array of some of the breakfast snacks provided by Vancouver's study group.




Richard Shanks whose brother Doug, of Newday Trading Company, donated the free gourmet, fair trade, organic coffee which was also available for sale by the bag.




We had a full house...


...and the presentation started promptly at 9:00 AM




Our Master of Ceremonies, and council member, John Golka, started the proceedings and introduced Aggie Stevens to give an overview of Edgar Cayce to newcomers





Thereafter, William and Judith Munns, from Vancouver Island, spoke about their Nanaimo Metaphysical Network.




And then, the main event...



...John Van Auken, the A.R.E.'s most popular speaker, did a characteristically remarkable job.



He held the audience's rapt attention.




Meanwhile, our treasurer Richard was exhibiting previously unrealized skills, out back, as a scarecrow.




The gourmet lunch, donated by an anonymous benefactor, proved to be a big hit.  It was lauded by guests in every way.


Taste to Savour Catering






"The added delight of the donated lunch was such an amazing delight.  How extraordinarily precious to think about presenting this gift to attendees. How blessed to give to each other in so many different ways—speaking, feeding the multitude, shelter, kin of spirit and sunshine too!  A true marvelous moment in time!" - Christina Scott

 That's Christina, on the right (above), in the scarf.


John Van Auken would later comment that the on-premise lunch was a wonderful community-building experience.





After lunch John continued to enthrall the audience.



Some of the comments expressed by guests both during and after the event included "Absolutely remarkable",  "A+" (from a retired professor), "Well-prepared", "More than excellent", "Right on", “Riveting”, “Wisdom”, “Nice to see people laughing", "Revelations", "Uplifting", "Fulfilling", “Fun”, "Hopeful" and “Inspirational”.




The event was a great success!  John himself called it "Perfect!"



Additional council members, not pictured, who worked hard orchestrating this event were Noreen Gilbert, Victor Chua, Gloria Wendland, Jesse Bodyan, and Marty Ozols.