Christmas Party 2012

At the Twin Rainbows Lounge

Day or night the view is always beautiful from the 5th floor Twin Rainbows Lounge. 

Perhaps it was because of the snow intermingled with the rain that the attendance, numbering about 20, was a little lower than usual for the annual Christmas Party.



The weather outside was frightful, but inside it was so delightful!



Looking in on Jane & Amandah



After saying grace, this year the women went first ravaging the bountiful repast with gusto.



The turkey had been prepared by Sharon Tomei proprietor of the Hot Spot Cafe at the Triumf National Laboratory at UBC where she may, or may not, have used the particle accelerator to cook the bird.  Anyone wanting to thank her is requested to make a donation to Covenant House an organization which provides sanctuary for Vancouver's homeless youth.


In past years the pot luck feast has been somewhat organized but this year it was a true "pot luck".  Remarkably it wove together like a magical culinary tapestry of hearty and savoury delights.  Every delicious component complimented the other as if it had all been meticulously catered in Heaven.  It was a truly scrumptious and succulent banquet.



After the women, the men were permitted to forage the remainders for sustenance. 

That's philanthropist Henry on the left and John on the right.



Gary (foreground), Carmen (Clockwise), Jesse,  Jane & Amandah (Background), Trevor, Neil, Richard, and Victor.



A better view of Trevor and Neil. 




It's amazing how often this angel shows up in my photos.  Because Vicki used to be the area team coordinator people often listen to her advice.



Here she is advising Amandah to drink more if she wants to have a good time...




...and here she is advising Deborah on how to deliver a good punch.



Beth is usually, almost invariably, the most poised and and picturesque person in any room. 

Here she's bursting into singing: "It's the most wonderful time of the year."  Vicki, of course, put her up to it.



Beth looking more like herself with Carmen.





Speaking of photogenics, here's John (who's new beard, everyone agrees, looks great) and Helga,...



...lovable miracle Mila and lovely Lisa...




...and Mila with Carmen - as pretty as a picture.




Jesse and Deborah, from right to left, rounding out the corner.



Several tables of spiritual books had been donated by attendees.  Previously cherished enlightenment was available for just $1 per book.




Richard's brother Doug, of Newday Trading Company, donated gourmet, fair trade, organic coffee which was available for $5 a bag.




Adam; indicating that "We're Number One!"




This photo captures something of Gary's kind essence.  Our car died the morning of the Christmas Party and he registered/insured one of his classic vintage Studabakers  just so he could pick us up, from an adjacent city, to drive us to the party.   We'll return Gary's essence to him later.



Notice all of the hands in this photo.  A symbol reminiscent that Christ has no hands but ours.

  These are area team coordinator Victor, and council members Gary and John.


Centric to Edgar Cayce's teachings is the premise of being a channel of blessing and not just being good, but being 'good for something'.




Here's Richard, always helpful, when it came time to fold up the tables, lending a hand...



...and some hands demonstrating the fashion of aprons; also a symbol of helping out, in a manner befitting a Christmas Party.


Everyone agreed that it was a really, really nice time.


Best wishes for a Joyous Christmas!


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