Christmas Party 2011

At the Twin Rainbows Lounge


Some of the women lounged around the bar

Beth & Theresa

While the men laboured(?) in the kitchen nearby

(L to R) Silhouettes of Gary, Neil, Victor, Jesse and Richard

Others gathered in the seating area.

Vicki, Noreen, (New Treasurer) Neil, Leslie.

Then we stood in a circle and said grace

Deborah, Jessie, Shannon, Lulla, Doug, Leslie, Victor, Vicki, and Beth.

And the feasting commenced.

Noreen Victor and Gary

Charles, Leslie and Vicki.

Gradually, as the gobbling subsided, the conversation picked up.

And we chatted into the evening

With the ebb and flow from room to room we enjoyed Tidings of Wonder and Joy.

Edgar Cayce's Meaning of Christmas