Practicing ongoing dream analisys is one of the fundamental cornerstones of the Edgar Cayce methodology.

    During the Summer of 2011 we held a small weekly Dream Workshop at Vicki and Marty's home in N. Burnaby.   At the end of summer, on Labour Day weekend, our final meeting was in the form of a barbeque.

Gary Taylor arrived in style in his 1926 Studabaker.

First, there was the ceremonial and inspirational sniffing of the tomato.

The tomato, fresh from the white flower box on the background railing, was consumed, (on a Stoned Wheat Thin with soft Havarti cheese) as the final dream meeting began.

Afterwards, as the sun began to set, the formal flamingo light string, along the right wall, was lit, everyone was served cold avocado and cucumber soup in a wine glass, and "Herb the chicken" (aka herbed chicken) went onto the barbecue.  Above, from L to R, are the obscured faces of Barb, Bill, Vicki, John, Amanda, Gary and Helga.

    The meal was sumptuous, everyone having brought delectable contributions.  The softly lit dialogue, and laughter, lasted well into the night.  It was the perfect way to say good-bye to the dream workshop, the dream team, the summer, and Herb the chicken.  It was joyous stuff built on dreams just as the workshop was the basis for interpreting many dreams-to-come. 

May Your Most Cherished Dreams Come True